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The End

It's something most of our kids really like to write at the end of their stories or reports - a big The End that often takes up a whole page on its own. I've been reflecting on what it means that we are closing our school doors, and as you can imagine, it brings up all sorts of different feelings. I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to realize a dream I first envisioned over 30 years ago when I was a freshman in college. I am grateful for the team of people who got this school off the ground and the ones who tapped in to keep it flying over the last decade. Each time I think of the families who have shared their children with us, I smile, and I get a little ache in my heart. When I think about those kids, our students, out in the world, I feel so very proud. I hope that our lessons go with them - in changing the world for the better, in honoring curiosity, in hard work and tenacity, in inclusivity, and in joy.

This past week was a particularly fun one as we went on plant scavenger hunts, dissected flowers, learned that plants can't sit still, measured out string to represent the heights and girths of some of the biggest trees in NY and the US (redwoods are SO big!), and gathered seeds. Aliens and astronauts met on a distant planet during recess. We celebrated all the bugs that work with plants (and the ones who eat them too!) on our Bug Day. Harold T. Gnome and his friends joined us for a tea party in the woods. We went to Cook Park and Billy Beez, running and playing and looking out for each other.

We have 3 more days of school this week, so technically it's not really the end. However, I intend to immerse myself in these last moments and maybe not worry too much about grabbing the picture or the kid's quote. I plan to enjoy this ending and talk with the kids about all of our new beginnings. It's a time for gratitude and joy!


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