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Being a Part of the Planning

"What about a Dino Day?"

"Ooo! Or an Axolotl Day?"

"How about a Favorite Food Day?"

My class brainstormed ideas of fun activities they wanted to organize before the end of the school year. We have certain known events, like zinnia planting in Middleburgh (the starts are coming along nicely), and of course, the May Day Celebration that happened yesterday. They discussed what activities might go well together and eventually narrowed down the original list to their six favorites. We are working to get everything plotted out on our May and June calendars, and then we'll share them with the whole school. They are invested in these projects, are helping to plan them, and promise to make them memorable.

Rose and Norine's PK and K Class

  • Matched numbers and pictures.

  • Did dot-to-dots, working on the numbers 1 - 10.

  • Sang "Did You See an Octopus?" and "I'm a Little Penguin."

  • Made Puzzles out of the letter "P" and Played with Probability using colorful animals.

  • Made books. for the letters O, P, and R

  • Cut out shapes then compared and contrasted them.

  • Used play dough to make numbers and letters.

  • Worked on Mother's Day cards with watercolors and handprints.

  • Made the letter "S" with String (and other numbers and letters as well).

Tracy's 1st - 4th Class

In math, we are finishing up the final lessons in our workbooks. The first graders have been working on addition and subtraction facts as well as composing and decomposing shapes with pattern blocks. The second-grade class is working on partitioning shapes into equal parts. The third-grade class is working on elapsed time problems, decomposing factors to solve multiplication problems, and doing multistep operations. The fourth graders continue to build their comfort with fractions. They are adding, subtracting, multiplying, and even starting to divide them.

In literacy, we focused on figuring out the fun things we wanted to do for the rest of the year. Making this list proved to be motivating for some of our sometimes reluctant writers - freeing them up from worrying too much about spelling and grammar. We are reading our final books of the year: Aquanaut and The Wild Robot.


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