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Flowers, Games, and Bridges

Friday was a pretty special day. Everyone brought in a pile of games, and before we had to do any organizing, the kids had jumped in. We played: Exploding Kittens, Number Zingo, Hiss, Spot It, Chutes and Ladders, How to Train Your Dragon, Dice Miner, Invasion of the Cow Snatchers, Tumbling Tower, Eye Found It, Charades, and Twister. Kids helped teach the rules (or occasionally made up new rules) to each other, took turns, discussed disagreements about the game, and did their best to be gracious winners and losers (in the games where that was relevant). They discussed probability, thought about strategies, counted, added, subtracted, read cards, and built skills. But mostly they had lots and lots of fun!

We also planted our zinnias in the pollinator gardens in Middleburgh, visited the library, created a whole new plant (and its windborne seed), and made a rope bridge!

Rose's PK and K Class

  • Played an addition game.

  • Counted and matched numbers to items.

  • Worked on cutting skills.

  • Made a self-portrait and read the book "Growing Up."

  • Made animal footprints and created a washing station for the animals.

  • Sewed leaves and flowers together.

  • Played "Memory" with number dot cards.

  • Played "Fish, fish, bear" - the latest iteration of duck, duck, goose.

  • Used a variety of tools (other than fingers!) to count and add beads to egg cartons.

  • Made a lift the flap book for the life cycle of a duck.

Tracy's 1st - 4th Class

  • Made sugar cookie dough and made geometry shape cookies to share with the younger kids.

  • Created a "plant store" and came up with a pricing schedule.

  • Solved mazes and missing numbers on a 100's chart puzzles.

  • Measured (in seconds) different modes of moving across a room (not surprisingly running was the fastest).

  • Did lots of math to figure out costs for our Billy Beez trip: adding up the money the kids raised, subtracting that number from the cost of the trip, dividing the amount left to figure out the cost for adults and kids that aren't currently at Country Classroom.

  • Made the permission slip for Friday's field trip.

  • Had "Rhyming Races" to see which pair could come up with the most rhymes for various words.

  • Looked for poems we love in our collection of poetry books to share with our classmates.


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