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Collaborating with Families

I was looking forward all week to conferences on Friday. I enjoy checking in with each family, sharing notes about what is happening at school and at home. It's interesting to see where behaviors line up and where they differ. I am grateful for the on-going conversations we have for our families and how we are in this process of education together.

For our older students, our spring conference is student led, and they create an agenda of topics to cover. They reflect on their strengths and challenges, and I enjoy the chance to talk with them about all they have learned this year and what their goals are going forward.

Rose and Norine's PK/K Class

  • Continued to work with numbers: counting, matching them, building block towers with a certain number of blocks, and finding hidden numbers.

  • Made a "Tt" book and had a tambourine parade.

  • Played match the "shadow shape." Tried to draw the shadows an object made.

  • Used thumbtacks to trace umbrellas for "u," then cut them out and glued handles on them.

  • Learned about "Vv" and made vests. Played find the missing "v."

  • Played some intense games of Memory.

  • Made Wagons and did Window connect the dots.

Tracy's 1st - 4th Class

In math, our students have finished working their way through the units for their grade. Everyone took an assessment this week (or will be taking one on Monday in the case of our fourth graders) that will help me to know what we need to focus on before the end of the year.

We used our writing time to get ready for student-led conferences. For our older students, I asked them to reflect on the greater categories.

One student wrote for social skills, "None." I asked her if she had friends,

"Well, yes."

"Do you think that requires social skills?"


"Okay, so what makes you a good friend? And what can be hard for you with friends?"

It's useful to hear how they see themselves as learners and community members. I am gratified when I see how closely my perception and theirs line up. I am also pleased when I can help them to maybe see some of their strengths and challenges in a new light.

Our Theme: Art

We were inspired by nature artists Andy Goldsworthy and Mary Nohl to see what we could create from the treasures around our school. We made paper playgrounds and learned about street artist, Banksy. We also looked at Jackson Pollock's art and experimented with our own splatter paintings. It was a truly immersive art experience.


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