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Our Hearty Kids

It's the time of year when we get together our progress reports for our students. We do a new round of assessments to add to our observations and note where we want to focus our teaching going forward. Looking at our kids throughout the school, I am impressed by their resiliency. This last week we had some very cold temperatures. We layered up and still went outside. The kids were tickled to find that our little stream was frozen and that there were ice patches for sliding down the hill. Later in the week, our heat stopped working temporarily. Everyone put on extra hats and sweaters, and we carried on: creating letters out of play dough, writing "I am" poems, listening to Morgan tell us about a wide mouth frog, and doing our science experiments. We even lost power for a few minutes last week, and I watched our kids roll with it. These past two years have been challenging as we deal with masks, distancing, and quarantines. Through it all our kids have been learning, growing, and having fun. They are hearty, and I am proud of them.


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