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Ending a Year

The end of year is a special time, and we try to balance our desire for celebrations with a need to stick to some semblance of routine. This past week we had our student led talent show, worked on our birds, made pizza, and the 3rd-5th grade class went on a camping trip. Our mulberry tree and wild strawberries are serving up some tasty snacks. Everyone seemed pretty pleased with the mix of fun and work.

Phoebe came in this week to teach everyone about the how's and why's of pizza. The children examined some yeast and then watched it inflate a balloon by producing carbon dioxide. The learned about how gluten helps to hold dough together, and then experimented with changing different variables to see how they impacted the dough (salt, kneading time, warm rise, extra water). In the afternoon, they sampled the different crusts and talked about what they noticed. Then, they worked with a partner to make a small pizza to cook in the outdoor oven. Everyone was pretty excited about the tasty results, and we were all very grateful to Phoebe for sticking it out on one of the hottest days this year.

Morgan's PK and K Class

* Counted by 5's

* Worked on our finger plays for the end of the year celebration

* Made rhyming words with items we found around the school

* Watched our caterpillars start to turn into chrysalises and talked about what type of butterflies will emerge (Painted Lady)

* Read a few books on birds and insects

* Had fun watching the school talent show

* Created pizza dough from scratch and then made our own pizza with Phoebe and her outdoor pizza oven!

* Talked about what we're excited for over the summer


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