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Our Play

On Monday, we ran through our Erie Canal play, and it was looking pretty shaky. Having just come off a week of vacation, many of the students were unsure about their lines, we had only a few props, and the songs were sounding pretty weak. I asked everyone if they wanted to be able to perform at the end of the week, and I got a resounding, "Yes!" I suggested that maybe we would skip the props, and I got a resounding, "No!"

So, we all buckled down. Lines were practiced at recess, during lunchtime, and during our regular rehearsal time. Students spent their "choice" time making props, and we kept checking our list to identify the next priority. We spent all of Thursday at the Gallupville House, running the play over and over. It was hard work, but it was also great fun. The "playing" part of our play was definitely present as we found some overly dramatic and silly lines. And of course, we spent some time sliding, rolling, and climbing around on the hill behind the Gallupville House when we needed a little break.

By Friday morning, they put on a performance that made them proud and made me proud too.

Morgan's PK and K Class

*Played in the snow.

*Explored different textures of slime.

*Read a bunch of Dr. Suess books and talked in rhyming words!

*Worked with threading string through holes - we called it "sewing."

*Took care of the dolls, each other and our teacher with the doctor kit.

*Read the book "Stone Soup" and made our own pretend soup!

*Made ramps for cars and tested out different cars and ramp ideas to see which ones were the fastest!

*Worked on puzzles.

*Took part in the Erie Canal play with the older children!


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