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Sign Up Today For Our Community Solar Program:

Help the Environment &

Help Country Classroom


With the help of our partner, Bullrock Solar, we’ve designed a Community Solar program that can bring clean solar power to your home AND provide Country Classroom with financial support.

When you sign up, you will be able to use solar-generated electricity throughout your home, without changing utilities or installing roof-top panels. You’ll be able to lock-in to a fixed rate of 10.2 cents per kW for 5 years, regardless of any increase in National Grid’s rates. Even better, Bullrock Solar will donate up to $100 to our school for every active enrollment.

So, you can shrink your carbon footprint and protect our environment, without panels on your roof or costs of any kind. Whether you own your home or rent, you can still participate. Plus, the solar farm is nearby Troy.

Sign up and make a difference. Solar has never been so convenient. Just visit:


The Benefits of Community Solar:

◦Community Solar is clean, renewable and safe. It generates no carbon emissions. It draws from a limitless source of energy. It requires no dependency on foreign sources.

◦The electricity generated from Community Solar can be used by any NY resident who is currently connected to the grid, as long as their utility is either NYSEG or National Grid.

◦Community Solar requires no roof-top or backyard panels on your property.

◦Unlike other solar options, Community Solar allows both renters and homeowners to participate.

◦With no cost to join, participate or leave, Bullrock Community Solar is the most affordable way to enjoy solar energy. 

◦Likewise, Bullrock Community Solar requires no long-term commitment.


If you have questions contact 
Lawrence DiCapua
Bullrock Solar
cell: 203-360-4897
Thank you for supporting our school!
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We welcome contributions in a variety of forms. If you want more information about our giving options  please contact Jerrine Corallo by phone at

518-827-5533 or email


Country Classroom is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, gifts of cash made or services donated to Country Classroom will be 100% tax deductible to the extent provided by law.



Do you have a skill to share? We are looking for artists, musicians, thespians, historians, scientists, naturalists, and anyone else who is interested in sharing their gifts and passions with our students. Contact Denise at 518-827-5533 or email


Financial Aid Fund​
We want students of all financial backgrounds to be able to join the County Classroom family. Please consider donating today to support the Financial Aid Fund.  Please contact Jerrine Corallo by phone at

518-827-5533 or email

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