Still Looking Closely

I was waxing on about looking closely back in October, but it bears repeating. It's something that we ask our kids to do every day and all the time. We want them to look closely at a math problem so that they can have the "That doesn't make sense!" moment when their calculations took them down the wrong path. We expect them to look closely at their friends to read their faces and try to understand what is going on. We encourage them to look closely at their science experiments to try to figure out what their results mean. Each day when we are outside, we examine the snow, the sky, the plants, and the ground for signs of the living world around us. They help me to look closely too when I get


We had a week of testing at our school, but it wasn't the standardized testing that can make some of us wince. Kids were testing their senses, testing mouse traps, testing language, and testing our community to see if it is welcoming and fair. From science experiments to negotiating fort building materials on the playground, our kids were hard at work. Sometimes they got frustrated, but we do our best to honor that as part of the process and helped support them as they came up with solutions or alternatives for their problems. Cheryl's PreK Reflections Welcoming to all: our preschoolers read about Martin Luther King Jr. this week and reflected on how we are welcoming to all in our school fam

Settling Back In

I love the winter holiday season, but I admit that I hit a moment near the end of the whirlwind of parties and family and friends and food where all I want to do is get back to school. A bunch of our kids mentioned similar feelings as we settled back in this week. We like the daily routines, familiar faces, and songs. We like waking up at a similar time each day and knowing what's coming. Sometimes I expect the transition back into school to be a little rough as we move out of holiday mode and into school mode. But this transition has been a lovely one - we're happy to be back in our regular grooves. Cheryl's PreK Reflections After our winter break, preschoolers came back not only rememberin

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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