Sharing Our Discoveries

I love the moments of discovery that pepper our days - a child discovering how different combinations of "apple counters" make 10 or the thrill in predicting that ketchup will be an acid. Our multiage classroom means that there are always eager audiences for any discovery. The older children love teaching our younger learners, and our littlest students know that there is always someone who wants to see the worm that just crawled up through the leaves. Cheryl's PreK Reflections Leaves were raked on our classroom door and outside by our preschoolers who gleefully jumped in the piles and begged a friend to get buried under them. Ask your child what starts with the letter 'F' this week and you m

Cultivating Community

We do lots of little things and big things to help cultivate our school community. We sing, dance, and play together. We sit down together and talk out our problems and brainstorm solutions. When someone is having a tough time, we try to support her with a hug or with some space, depending on her needs. If our emotional lives are in order and we feel safe, it is so much easier to tackle new ideas and work hard to figure out problems. Cheryl's PreK Reflections Looking out for one another is what we cultivate in our school community. Feelings matter, and we check in with our classmates, solving conflicts with communication and possibly rebuilding a block tower together. It is a magical thing

Applied Learning

It was a rich week for applied learning. A parent volunteer led our children in how to change a tire. Two girls told me with confidence, "Yeah, we jacked up the car, took off a tire, and put on the spare. I could definitely do that on my own if I had to." Our youngest children continued to work on expressing and describing their emotions. Many of our children continue to crunch into the bounty of our fruit trees (which may explain why they haven't been quite as hungry at lunch time). When some of our younger students complained that they couldn't get to the fruit, some of our older students helped them out. Our monarchs keep emerging from their chrysalises, and we send them off with good wis

Looking Closely

We are always asking our students to stop and look a little closer. "Look at your friends face. What do you see?" "Look at this story. What part really 'popped' for you? How did the author do that?" "Look at that brand new butterfly! What do you see? How is it different?" "Look at this series of numbers. What sort of pattern do you see? How are they changing?" By observing the world around them, children can discover important information, and then we give them a platform to share that information. Sometimes that platform is a teacher who listens closely and sometimes they're publishing books, but we want them to share all of the important things they notice. Cheryl's PreK Reflections The "w

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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