The Magic of Engaging

Last Thursday was a magical morning. At one point, I looked around, and EVERYONE was engaged in something beautiful. There were a group of kids making water color paintings and another using tools to explore an old printer. In the preschool room, a small child was "reading" a book to her classmates. A few children were taking turns playing with a pulley, and a few kids were finishing up work that they missed the day before. All of this was happening, in different nooks around the school, at the same time! Rachel's PreK Reflections This week at preschool, many of the kids were eager to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired this school year. As I worked on assessing some of the

Executive Function

Clapping and cheers rang out around the playground. "You did it! You got that jump!" This week’s big development on the playground was an obstacle course for horses. The teachers had been talking about encouraging some new games and activities on the playground. While we were talking about it, the students took matters into their own hands, and devised these beautiful courses, where they take turns running and jumping. They searched for materials in our garage and around the playground, using hula hoops, jump ropes, cones, and more. They modified the course for different levels, making sure that younger children and smaller children still had appropriate challenges. They organized lines and

Learning on the Road

We welcomed spring this week at a local park dancing around our Maypole, and we managed both the weave and the unweave - twice in a row! It was truly a magical moment because in all of our rehearsing we had only succeeded in unweaving the ribbons a total of one time. The spring sunshine and milder temperatures had us outside for math, snack, and lunch in addition to our normal recess and adventure walk times. All of our students headed out into the world on field trips as well. It was a great week for taking our learning out of the building. Rachel's PreK Reflections What an adventurous week for our 3-6 aged students! We celebrated “Dragon Day,” complete with music, dragon imaginative play,

Telling a Story

During a recent Nancy visit, she had each child take a sniff of a special smell. Everyone quieted as they focused on the task, and then Nancy asked them if the smell put a picture in their heads. Not everyone got a clear picture, but many of the children chimed in with images and stories. "There's no way to be wrong on this because your memory is correct for you," assured Nancy. Whether we are learning about the counting cookies or a school day in China, we have stories to tell. We use stories to help teach our social curriculum. When children learn through stories, they tell them again and again until their knowledge becomes more secure. Rachel's PreK Reflections Coming back from a week bre

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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