Building Context

Throughout our day we do our best to make sure that the children's work has context and that it feels real and relevant to them (even when we are traveling in our imaginations). They learn those high frequency sight words by reading them in morning letters and books. We try to place them in history with an awareness of some of what came before (Gandhi's work in India) to understand what they are studying now (US Civil Right's Movement). They read and sing and craft spaghetti. We activate our current knowledge base and then build on it - whether we are figuring out how to spell "rectangle" or questing into Ancient Egypt. Rachel's PreK Reflections One of the beautiful things about Country Clas

Change and Choice

Change is coming, oh yeah! Everyone has eagerly been noticing signs of spring around the school from melting snow to our first red-wing blackbird call. Mud season is upon us, and oh, the lovely mud is working its siren call on many a child. Even those children who don't want to squish it through their toes and fingers are ready for this seasonal change. The elementary age students have been thinking about changes on a different scale as they study the Civil Rights movement. Rachel's PK Reflections It started to feel like Spring for a few days last week, and the Preschoolers took full advantage of it. Mud play, dancing under rain sprinkles, and building a “bug graveyard” to bury a Wooly Bear

The Play's the Thing

"This felt like the shortest week ever," reflected one child at the end of this week. From the teacher perspective, I can't quite agree with that statement, but it was certainly lots of fun. We were truly immersed in our play - practicing lines, creating props, sewing costumes, making masks, and exploring motivation while eating chocolate chip cookies. Everything else was temporarily put on hold while we put our all into getting ready. The children were proud of the result, and we were proud of their hard work as well. By giving them these chances each year to perform in front of a group, we strive to give everyone the confidence to be comfortable and competent in public speaking situations.

Teachers as Octopus?!

Earlier this week, I was watching a group of children frolicking in the snow like otters while another pretended to be hunting and gathering (as inspired by our study of the Haudenosaunee). We were taking a break after working hard on our mask design process with Leyla and learning about woodworking from Angela. The sun felt warm on my face, the children were solving their problems, and I felt awed that this was my job. Weeks like this can feel a bit hectic with special guests, special celebrations (pajama day!), special schedules (as we push hard on getting our plays up and running), and special birthdays. But I felt like the teachers were this wonderful octopus of productivity - holding th

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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