New Perspectives

This last week we had the chance to gain some insight into ourselves as we were introduced to some different perspectives from some pretty incredible visitors. Linda shared her experiences navigating the world as a person who is blind with the help of her guide dog. Rick came and helped the children to, literally, look at a fish from different perspectives. Nancy shared a story that included an unlikely hero. Meanwhile, our geography theme has us looking at our place in a diverse and changing world. Rachel's PreK Reflections So many fun things happened this week for our Preschoolers! Experiencing the ice and snow outside, being covered in more mud than not (sorry, parents), and enjoying the

Reflecting and Organizing

I spent what was supposed to be our first professional development day shoveling, moving wood, and keeping our woodstove burning. We rescheduled it for this week, and I am so grateful for this time to reflect and organize. We spent time talking about each student, examined our schedule, and developed some new policies. Each teacher also had time to do some crucial room organization - clearing out, sorting, and finding new systems to keep things tidy. When I plan lessons and themes for our children, I do my best to build in this same space for reflection. It's a gift when we give it to all of the teachers as well. Rachel's PreK Reflections Music is a cherished part of the culture at Country C

Building Kindness

Our children get lots of time for "loose parts play" - time where they use sticks or pieces of rope or tubes to create the fairy house, pulley system, or waterworks of their dreams. As they engage in this play, they learn about physics and engineering, and they also learn lots about working with a group. Occasionally their building is solitary, but much more frequently it involves at least a few friends, and they need to work together to make their ideas a reality. We watch these interactions and offer reminders about tone or jump in, when needed, to help reflect on the process. Figuring out how to be kind even in the face of some frustration takes lots of practice, and we're there to help w

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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