Powering On

People often talk about the unlimited energy of children, and it is a sight to behold. When they are excited about their learning, they can be incredibly industrious and focused. All sorts of maps were created during free choice time this week, and they kept adding sections as their worlds grew. Hearing the children work out the details of their wind measuring devices was inspiring. I also heard an older student trying to explain that wind comes from a difference in air pressure, and it's related to differences in temperature. I'm not sure that the 4 year old really grasped the details, but she at least stopped to listen to the full explanation. I can feel the ideas popping all around me. Ch


It's time for my annual apology. I am so sorry about all of the mud. I really am. But I'm not sorry enough to squelch the joy that comes from water, sand, and mud play this time of year. Our little streamlet has been gushing with the winter's snowmelt, and children have been busily building dams, tributaries, and pipelines. Their teamwork is full of the usual challenges of negotiation when visions compete, but they glow with pride at the results of their efforts. Others collect the water by the bucketful to bring to the sandbox for creations there. Still others have been carefully carrying water to our fruit trees and other perennials, making sure they have the water they need this time of y

Springing Along

I think Spring Fever may be hitting our children. They were all so very excited to be back after our spring break and energy thrummed during our big group times this week. The children swayed while belting "Des Colores" to the skies, had a spontaneous dance party during free choice time, and went skipping down the lines for "Alabama Gal." Despite all this energy, we managed to not tip over into uncontrolled bodies, and the older children helped model how to be silly and have fun without hurting anyone. Cheryl's PreK Reflections There is an image by a favorite artist of mine of hands holding each other as they run through the rain. This idea of including and rallying for one another through t

Play as Practice

I love when our teacher directed work blends into free choice time activities. The older math class has been doing lots of graphing lately: bar graphs, line plots, picture graphs, and even pie graphs. Then I saw two of our students surveying the rest of the school during their "play" time. They were tallying their results and were eager to graph them as well. Earlier in the week I modeled drawing a cow and helped the children to think about the different shapes in her body. They were drawing other animals, and then Theresa set them up outside during free choice time to sketch our beautiful view to Vroman's Nose. It wasn't something they had to do, but it was certainly something they wanted t

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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