Spring, Snowshoes, and Suffrage

Our students bring such passion to all that they do. I watched them this week building intricate structures with blocks, tackling snowshoeing, and feeling the outrage of half the population of our country being unable to vote. They are constantly asking questions and seeking answers. They are given the time to really sink into each activity, and I watch their intrinsic motivation push them to do more. Cheryl's PreK Reflections I hope my excitement and joy for the official first day of Spring wasn't too silly with all the snow around us. Children loved observing a Spring picture book with no words, telling me the story of the season, which led us into a fun craft of cutting tulips and pasting

Teaching Each Other

Super slippery driveway? No problem! Our kids used our tricycle with the little dump on the back to make a salt and sand spreading machine. Spill at lunch time? A small crew industriously descended with rags in hand, wiped it up, and threw the rags in the dirty clothes bag. From free choice time to theme time everyone has been in "teacher mode." I saw older children writing a program for their monster truck demonstration while younger students took on the crucial role of attentive audience. We had two students as guest readers on Friday. All of our students enjoyed the chance to share their learning with each other and help each other out. Cheryl's Reflections: Our PreK Students There is a l

Breaking from Routine

I love routines. Children love them too - clear expectations about where we're going, what it looks like, and what it sounds like. But I do also love breaking out of routines and doing something a little novel. "We get to wear our pajamas! To school!" Everyone was tickled this week to be cozying up in pajamas on piles of pillows and blankets with some of our favorite books (Dr. Seuss and otherwise). Then we threw in a performance of our play and celebrating the 100th Day of School. Oh, and we had another snow day in there too. It was a fun week. One student told me, "This was the fastest week ever!" Cheryl's PreK Reflections March winds caused snow to blow off the school's huge pine trees in

Hints of Spring?

Mild weather had all of us anticipating spring this week until Friday's snow storm and snow day. The children keep learning more about the different springs and waterways that trickle across our land. They are intrigued by how they "hide" under the leaves and then pop up again further down hill. Our adventure walkers found some of the first wild chives of the season and noticed how the buds on the trees look like they're starting to open. Learning about maple syrup was the perfect mud season activity. Cheryl's PreK Reflections Our littlest ones are awakened to the fact that Spring is on its way (with perhaps a nudge from an overly optimistic teacher). Mama, Is It Summer Yet? by Nikki McClure

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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