Enthusiastic Sponges

Our children were vibrating with excitement for much of this week building up to our party at the end of the week. We took that energy outside for math class, let the children work industriously to make decorations (and a quilt), and enjoyed the release of singing and dancing. I love that our children are so excited about learning EVERYTHING! From animals to people in other parts of the world, they want to know more. They ask questions, look for answers, ask more questions, and eagerly share their ideas. It makes so much of our teaching easier. Expert Visitors Nancy came on Thursday and helped everyone work on some of their storytelling skills. She had the children work on facial expressions

Thinking Out of the Box

One of our families donated the logs, sand, and time to make a beautiful sandbox for our school, and the children have been eagerly digging, creating, and mud making in it. But some of the original load spilled outside of the box made by the logs. This spilled bit hosted a fairy house, a city, and a monster truck race track this week. I asked some of the children about why they were building there, and they told me that the sand "feels different. It's different when you have a thin layer instead of a thick layer." "I like being on this side of the logs. It feels more protected." So they literally built outside of the box, and I thought about some of the other ways we work outside of school's

Sparking Passion

Math Lab Hello dear parents, Theresa is writing to you, today. I have taken over the parent letter this week because I have to tell you about the math lab we are about to launch. As a teacher of older children, I was annoyed at children arriving to middle school without a thorough grasp of times tables and their basic arithmetic facts. It has become my personal mission to be sure that our students are fluent skip-counters and agile number crunchers well before they are 10. I have created a whole array of math materials that the kids can use during free time that will re-enforce the work that we do during class. There are play dough activities for the youngest children, two-digit addition for

The Beauty of Routines

We are in the rhythm of the year. The children know when they come in to hang up their backpacks, sign in, and get to their morning work. They settle into circle time, snack, or math with little fuss. Having a predictable schedule is reassuring to all of us and the transitions from one activity to the next are, if not seamless, smooth. Now that we have the routines in place, it's easier to break from them. When we headed to the pumpkin patch this week, I was proud of how easily our children settled into listening to stories of children living on farms many years ago. They sat quietly and raised their hands to answer and ask questions. Cheryl's Reflections Our 3 and 4 year olds read The Squig

Trusting in Children

Children are amazing. If you watch them closely, you know this to be true. They do argue, and they can be mean, and I am not suggesting that we just leave them entirely to their own devices. But with a little patience, the occasional re-direction, and support at some key moments, they can be magical. Fall Party On Friday last week, we talked about the Autumnal Equinox, the shortening of the day's light and how the tilt of the earth's axis as it makes its way around the sun causes seasons. Our ever enthusiastic students decided that we should have a fall party. "Great!" said the teachers. "You are in charge." The children promptly made plans for a Monday recess party and invitations were crea

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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