Learning Outside

The beautiful weather had us doing even more of our learning outside this week. We went on a field trip, hiked to the waterfall, found all sorts of interesting life in our stream, and practiced rote counting as we played "Ghost in the Graveyard." 1743 Palatine House Field Trip Sue and Brian welcomed us to the Palatine House on Monday. "Oh! It's prettier than I thought it would be! It really doesn't look that old." We had done the math to figure out that the house was 274 years old. The children eagerly crossed the bridge into this pocket of the past. They had the chance to try their hands at weaving, rolling hoops, solving riddles, and figuring out the purposes of all the old tools in the ho

Striking a Balance

The "Animal Rescue Squad" was hard at work this last week during recess. As an environmental educator, I swing a little on how we treat critters. I want to be respectful of their lives which ideally means observing quietly from a distance. But children learn by doing and they connect to the world through touching. I want our children to develop a real connection with the frogs, pill bugs, and snakes who share our outdoor space. After quite a bit of discussion, they created a frog habitat and a habitat for decomposers (worms, slugs, snails, etc.). We talked about shelter, food, water, and other crucial ingredients to keep them happy. Any transportation of animals was done with a focus on tryi

Pond Life, India, and The Function Machine

It seems like a cliché - but can it really be June? Yes, we have done a ton of work and learning this year. I have watched all of the children grow - they are reading, thinking, calculating, and relating in new and deeper ways. It's one of my favorite parts of teaching young children, so much of their learning is really obvious. I can say to them, "You couldn't read that at the beginning of the year," and they nod with a grin. Nancy's Brand of Magic Nancy was greeted with the usual chorus of excited "Hello's" this week. She had brought a particularly exciting bucket filled with small pond critters. Before the children got to dive into examining and identifying these animals, they got some le

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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