Our Little World and the Bigger World

The children love keeping a close eye on the world around us. This week we were all a little surprised as car after car pulled into our parking lot during snack time. Theresa popped outside to see what was happening and found out that it was a group of politicians and engineers doing a stream survey. It turns out we aren't the only people that like to stand on our bridge and look at the water rush past. "Can any of you talk to our children about what you're doing?" We had a willing engineer who helped to explain what they have done to the stream and why. She talked about how when a river travels through a narrow channel it speeds up and when it winds back and forth it slows down. Our kids ha

Taking Things Apart

"We found the mother lode!" "You mean the motherboard." "It's just so cool!" Our engineers had lots of fun dissecting a printer this week. They discovered the ink, in case you couldn't tell by all of those colorful fingers. They found the styluses that put the ink onto paper. With a teacher okay, they experimented with using and mixing these inks. Their busy fingers found gears and levers. With scissors, they took apart wires. "Hey, there's metal in here." "Silver metal!" We even tinkered a little to see if we could put some of it back together. Escalators and De-escalators "I just de-escalated that situation!" cheered a child as he went to wash his hands for snack. All of the children were

Celebrating Science

This has been a week for celebrating science. We shared our science projects, and I loved watching our children answer questions about their work. But I've also been watching the children during recess time working out all sorts of scientific questions. The children have loaded up our turtle sandbox with water, snow, and ice. They argue about how much snow they can add and still have it be a liquid. They notice how fast the ice melts (or doesn't). They use every available bucket, pan, and pot to move the water, pour the water, and mix the water. They use pipes and noodles to bring the water from one part of the playground to another. They play with the angle of these pipes to see how fast th

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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