Awe and Wonder

I regularly tell the children how much I love my job, and I have lots of little moments during the day when I feel so very proud of them. There was the moment this week when someone spilled water and instantly three children were there cleaning up with rags without me saying a word. At recess the other day, I watched one very frustrated child walk away from a situation, pace around the playground for a little, and then come back in a better frame of mind to try to solve the problem. During "Relax and Read" I saw one of the children start to glow as she read a book to me with newfound skill and confidence. It makes me feel lucky. Field Trip Then we head out on a field trip, and I have even mo

The Ah-ha! Moment

Back in graduate school one of my favorite professors was always celebrating the "Ah-ha! moment." Anyone who spends a little time around children has experienced this. It's that moment when you see their eyes open wider, a grin jumps to their faces, and they are proclaiming their new understanding. I like to help orchestrate these moments, setting up the materials and experiences that allow children to discover their world. I also really revel in the chance to watch other people do this with our class. Each time we have a guest reader or Nancy working her magic, I get to step back and see the children in a new light. Our Theme: Space We spent more time talking about the moon phases this week

Working One on One

One of my favorite parts of our school is the chance to work individually with the children. They have the chance to make independent decisions about what they are doing, and I get to have the personal conversations that really let me understand what they are learning and what their next steps might be. Our Theme: Space Our solar system is really start to come together. We have been studying pictures to try to get the colors of our planets just right and using paper mache to try to make our biggest planets the right size. We read The Moon Book and worked as fact detectives to try to get as much information as we could from the text. The Magic School Bus: Lost in Space took us through the sol

Kids in Space

It's been a week of reveling in the mud kitchen, being coyotes/wolves/deer/horses, and starting to get really excited about space. Hopefully we'll get some clear weather soon so the children can get some sightings of the moon to put in their moon journals. Our Theme: Space Thank you for sending in all sorts of great resources for our study of space. The children and I have been enjoying looking at the space books, reading about everything from our sun to black holes. We read The Tale of Rabbit and Coyote - ask your child why coyote howls at the moon. We also read two stories that tie our study to the lives of children. How Many Stars in the Sky? and I'll See You When the Moon is Full are two

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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