Self-Reliance, Self Portraits, and Space

Happy fall everyone! A Lesson in the Power of Children When Theresa mentioned during recess that the first day of fall was this week, the children got really excited. I was inside getting math materials ready, but they came inside glowing. "We're going to have a party!" "A fall party!" They had already started to decorate the tree house with lots of large branches. There was talk of special snacks, costumes, and maybe a pinata. Theresa sat everyone down on the carpet to give them a chance to round out their ideas while making it clear that this was a kid directed party. The teachers were not going to be staying up until the wee hours of the morning making crafts or cookies. She also made it

Who We Are

After our first full week of school, everyone is truly settling in. It's great seeing how the returning students help to teach our new students about everything from cleaning up applesauce spills to the dance for Down in the Valley. Our new students bring all sorts of enthusiasm and opportunities for new friendships. It's a joy to watch. Free Choice Time Every day starts with a chunk of free choice time. The children build complex block structures and populate them with little people or horses. They make up plays and perform them for friends. They create piles of play dough cookies and then sell them to their classmates. I watch for moments to practice math, writing, and reading skills. Do y

Creating Community

It is such fun being back in school. I admit that re-arranging the classroom, including a new system for our ever expanding library, had my stomach feeling a little knotted on Tuesday and Wednesday. But when the children arrived on Thursday, and we slid into our day, it all evaporated. These first few weeks of school are all about creating our community and setting expectations. What can you do during free choice time? How do you join the cooking extravaganza happening in the mud kitchen? How do 16 people wash their hands for snack at 2 sinks without causing tsunamis or stampedes? What part of your lunch leftovers goes in the compost, the trash, and the recycling? How do we all help maintain

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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