Cycles of Learning

Hello families! It's the end of the year - wow! I am so very happy with how we have done all this. A group of interested educators and parents started hatching the idea for this school over two years ago, and now we are finishing up our first year with this pioneer class. I get all mushy inside and feel my heart swell each time I about it. Thank you for all that you have done to make it happen, for entrusting your children to me each day, and for being patient as we figure out all the details that make a school run. Cycles of Learning I believe in what some educators call "spiral curriculum." The idea is that you come back to big ideas in regular intervals and deepen your understanding each

Telling Our Stories

Hello families! We may be in the last few weeks of school, but we are galloping along with pleasure. I asked the children what they would really like to do before the end of the year, and their hopes were pretty simple: play "Duck, Duck, Goose," have some more sprinkler fun, wear their pajamas to school, walk to the waterfall, and write or draw in their nature journals. "Okay! Let's make all of that happen." Eating the Weeds You may notice your children picking and munching on weeds as you walk along the edge of your yard. They all know how to identify wood sorrel by its heart shaped leaves (for the children who don't remember its official name they call it the "heart shaped leaf" plant). It

Pulleys and levers and ramps!

Hello families, It was wonderful to see many of you at First Friday in MIddleburgh. We'll be there for July and August promoting Country Classroom and enjoying our yummy potluck food. What Is a Machine? We started to talk about machines this week, and our first challenge was trying to figure out, "What is a machine?" Like many of our class discussions, this question produced some interesting answers. "A machine let's you do things you couldn't do." "It's something that makes it easier to do a job." "Machines have engines, like trucks and diggers." I didn't say, "Yes, that's the perfect definition of a machine." I used my teacher "Hmm" and repeated what the children said to make sure that we

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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