Feasting with our Senses

Hello families! As I write this, I am racing a thunderstorm, hoping that I can finish before we lose power. Please forgive any extra typos and mistakes. Watery Fun Thank you for sending in suits and towels so that we could stay cool this week. Between the sprinkler, watering our plants, and watering each other, everyone managed to get truly drenched each of our really hot days. Our Theme: Senses This week we read My Five Senses to talk explicitly about the ways that we use each of our senses and how we often use input from more than one sense to really understand the richness of a moment. Touch the Poem provided us with some striking sense images and gave us a chance to try to define how poe

A Morning in the Life

It's Thursday morning, and it's homeschool day. One student asked me on Wednesday, "Is tomorrow Thursday?" "Yes," I responded. "Oh good, I love homeschool day" "Why?" "Because there's just so much going on!" The day starts and children filter in. They are greeted by their classmates and teachers. Important observations are shared. "I saw two turkey cross the road on the way to school." "My grandma is coming tomorrow." "Look at this rock we cut open at home." This is one of my favorite parts of the day. I relish the enthusiasm that these little people bring to all of their discoveries and feel so honored to be part of the sharing. After each child signs in, she heads into the classroom to get

Playing in the Rain and Playing with Color

I love that your children (and our school's philosophy) make me go out in the rain. All this last week, it drizzled, misted, and poured. Had I been at home, I might have curled up with a book and cup of tea, but we went out for recess and our adventure walks. We got wet. We also saw frogs and salamanders, played with water, and watched leaves unfurl all around us. The world feels different in the rain, and I'm glad that I get out in it. Group Play During Recess The combination of mud, fresh wood shavings, and water made everyone gravitate to building mud pies, mud tea, mud salad, mud ice cream, and mud pizza cake. When this happens, we sit down at the end of recess for a shared feast. Each c

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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