Ice experts.

Dear Families, This morning I was informed, "That ice is too thin. It will break if I step on it. I'm an ice expert." We have all become ice experts, or at least very dedicated novices, in the past few weeks, and there's nothing like looking at something really closely to make you come up with all sorts of questions. "Do you notice how the ice looks like it has bubbles in it over here?" "Why is it made up of crunchy crystals along this side?" "How did it get so smooth in this part?" We break the ice and inspect it closely, talk about the flow of water, and notice how even though our little waterfall has frozen along the top, water is rushing along underneath the ice. Watching everyone play i

Puppies, plays, math games and more!

Dear Families, The Play's the Thing I wanted to remind everyone that this Wednesday, February 27 is our field trip to Proctors. I attached the driving and parking directions provided by Proctors. For families that are meeting us there, we will meet in the lobby at 9:30 am. I'm really looking forward to the performance. On the topic of exciting performances, please come to the classroom on Thursday, February 28 at 11:40 for our play "Rabbit's Snow Dance." Class Puppy You may have heard that Kira has joined the Country Classroom community. The children are all doing their best to help get her to chew on the right things (one of the many dog toys we bring each day) rather than the wrong ones (s

Financial Literacy field trip

Hello families! Financial Literacy It's one of those phrases that I've been reading and hearing more in the world of elementary education. There are studies that show that children who are exposed to ideas about saving, budgeting, and spending money are better able to manage money as they become adults. It makes sense that this is not an intrinsic knowledge but something that is gained through experience. A trip to NBT Bank and a program with Jamie Casterlin, the bank manager, seemed like a great opportunity to start to build this understanding. Jamie showed us all around the bank, including the process for making a deposit, the vault with its massive door, the safe deposit boxes, and the dr

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Happy New Year! Good Things Come to Those Who Wait You may or may not (which would be perfectly understandable given the time frame here) remember that we were studying the water cycle back in the fall and conducted an experiment where the children created a closed environment in a glass jar. They put a little cup and some water in the bottom of the jar, added a few drops of food coloring, and stretched plastic wrap over the top. We watched as water vapor condensed on the plastic and precipitated back down into the cup. The children were fascinated by their mini water cycles in action and started to talk about what was happening. Now the interesting sticking point in terms of the science for

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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