Celebrations and the Haudenosaunee

Hello families, Celebration Thank you to everyone who made it to our classroom yesterday! I was proud of the children and felt so lucky as I looked around at our school community. Thanks as well to Jennifer, Michelle, and Jenn for their help this week. The children had great fun preparing for you: practicing our songs and poem, dipping candles, and making cards. The candle making was particularly magical for them. We've talked about states of matter and observed different substances turning from solid to liquid to gas. They were intrigued to watch the wax harden on their candles, feel it cooling as they made their way through the line, and see the candles grow over time. In Praise of Noodli

Mud and flow!

Hello families! I am sorry about the mud. I really am. As a mom to one of the students in our class, I know that she probably went through at least 10 pairs of pants this week at school. I realize that laundry is a drag. But I also really love all of the amazing things that your children were doing with mud which is why I didn't tell them to stop having so much fun. They spent lots of time moving water in the stream bed. Maybe you've been to one of those fancy science museums where they have a changeable water table. Children can put various pieces onto the table and help reshape the flow of water. That's what we were doing in the stream. Using their feet, rocks, sticks, and hands, the chil

Parent Weekly Emails

Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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