Horse Catcher

Dear Families, I love watching your children play. You may have heard about "Horse Catcher," a favorite game at recess. The children separate themselves into horses and horse catchers. The other day the horses were making houses in the tall grasses while the horse catchers were creating an elaborate trap involving some of our playground equipment, a wheelbarrow, and 2 jump ropes. When the horse catchers tried to chase the horses from their houses, the horses told them they were having lots of fun there and didn't want to be chased. "But we want to be able to chase you, " said the horse catchers. "Well, when we are in our houses, we don't want to be chased. But we'll run out sometimes, and th


Dear Families, We continue to track the changing of the seasons by watching our favorite trees shed their leaves, feeling chillier temperatures, and noticing the lack of bees or other insects. Knowing that frost is on the way and will probably level much of the greenery this weekend, we could happily harvest lots of fall flowers to use as paint brushes today. Theme: Flowerville Flowerville was flourishing this week. There were a few house repairs, a parade, lots of mail, and a few meetings to solve issues as they arose. We discussed that jail time was not an appropriate consequence for being grumpy and came up with some other possible solutions for grumpiness. The volunteer firefighters were


Dear Families, It's been a great week for being outside in the mellow days of fall. Everyone is really starting to play well during recess time - horse catching and pears have been big parts of this week's play. Even in today's drizzle, we had fun finding a wide variety of leaves for some projects that we'll tackle next week. Everyone enjoyed following some of the better traveled deer paths through the woods. Some of the children noticed how different branches head in different directions, and we found one particularly worn "deer highway." When I asked why that trail was wider with even more tracks, they noticed that it went down to the creek. "The deer are thirsty!" Have I mentioned that I

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Each week, Country Classroom Head Teacher Tracy writes an email to our parents. Many of those emails we publish here. 


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