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Supporting Teacher


Cheryl O'Donnell

Country Classroom nurtures the whole child: allowing for time in nature and multi-age free play while supporting life-long learners and a community where kindness and compassion are core values.  I believe today more than ever our world needs this school. 

I have a B.A. in English and a M.S. in Educational Psychology. My Master’s thesis was on the intersection of free play and education.  My experience as a First Grade public school Teacher in an underserved area of New York City, a School Psychologist intern in Capital Region schools (conducting assessments, providing therapy, and consulting with parents, teachers, and committees on special education), and later as Director of Education at Olana in Hudson (interpreting Hudson River School artist Frederic Church's landscape architecture/art/farm) has furnished me with a comprehensive understanding of the diverse environments in which real learning and positive growth can flourish, and how concepts drawn from multiple educational philosophies can converge.

I have a love of poetry, music, nature, and black and white photography. I am passionate about nurturing the youngest of students. These first years are crucial to creating and protecting a strong foundation for children to enter the world fully while sharing the strengths of their hearts, heads, and hands.

Most fundamental to my motivation has been my personal experience as a mother of three, and conceptualizing the ideal learning environment for them. Country Classroom is that dream. I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to teach here.

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